We have so many people doing so much in our Town for others - and they who are often under-valued. I have had the pleasure and honour of meeting some of them recently, and hope to meet many more as the lockdown eases. I know that people often go the extra mile without any thought of recognition or public thanks, and it is often those people who deserve it most. Please take a look at this link to the British Citizens Awards and read the message from one of the patrons - Bradley Walsh. Let's see if a few people at least can be recognised for the positive impact they make.

My filming schedule usually precludes me from being an active supporter of many charities but, when I was invited to be the new patron of the British Citizen Awards and heard about the brilliant work they do honouring the nation’s unsung heroes, how could I refuse?

Championing the work that these amazing people do for others is a great honour and I only hope I can do them justice. Just reading about the contribution that today’s recipients have made to our society is truly humbling.

I wish them all the very best in their many divergent endeavours – continue to light up the world with your selflessness. – Bradley Walsh