COVID-19 Advice: Face Coverings

The Government has announced that as from 24th July,  shoppers will need to wear a face covering before they can enter a supermarket or shop. At the moment, we all need to wear a face covering when using public transport and that will still continue.

The reason for the new rule for shoppers is to help keep the progress made so far in lifting the lockdown going and provide that extra protection for shop and store workers. That doesn't necessarily mean people have to go out and buy face masks. It just means that the mouth and nose has to be properly covered. A scarf or headscarf, for example, is acceptable if worn properly. We still need to observe the other precautions as well of course - regular hand washing and social distancing. We are definitely getting on top of this, but we need to stay on top to keep schools open and the economy moving back to normal. Jobs in our Town depend on it.

Full Government advice on what face coverings are OK, and even how to make your own can be accessed if you click here