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Mobile Phone Survey

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By the age of 12, 97% of children are in possession of a mobile phone. 

The Government has, today, published new guidance on mobile phones in schools, designed to minimise distraction, prevent bullying and protect children from harm online. 

The guidance has four recommended options: 

  1. Banning all phones from school premises
  2. Requiring students to hand their phones in to teachers on arrival. 
  3. Storing phones in a secure area of the school, which pupils cannot access. 
  4. Permitting students to carry phones with them, but not allowing them to be seen out during the day. 

I want to know what you think about this guidance, and if there's anything else you think we can be doing.  Let me know in the form below. 


Do you think that young people spend too much time on their phones?
Which of the four options (outlined above) would you support the most in schools?
No phones on school premises.
Hand in phone to teachers on arrival.
Secure storage of phones away from pupil access.
Students keep phones, but keep them out of sight.
Who do you think has the greatest responsibility for controlling how much time children spend on their phones?