Supporting Local Businesses At This Difficult Time

I have recently written to over 200 companies and businesses based in the Pyewipe area as below. During the summer Parliamentary recess I hope to meet, or talk to as many of them as possible, along with businesses right across Grimsby.

COVID-19 Advice - How To Get Tested in Grimsby

If you, or anyone you live with develops symptoms of Covid-19, you can get a free test quickly. The Mobile Testing Unit (MTU) for Grimsby is based in the Duchess Street Car Park DN32 0RH and is open every other day. Remember, it's important to get tested quickly.

COVID-19 Advice: Face Coverings

The Government has announced that as from 24th July,  shoppers will need to wear a face covering before they can enter a supermarket or shop. At the moment, we all need to wear a face covering when using public transport and that will still continue.


We have so many people doing so much in our Town for others - and they who are often under-valued. I have had the pleasure and honour of meeting some of them recently, and hope to meet many more as the lockdown eases.

Lia Nici Welcomes Boris Johnson's "New Deal" for Britain

I welcome the plans proposed by this Conservative Government to take the UK forwards as we start to look at what lies beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. We need bold, decisive leadership that has the energy and drive to quickly rebuild our damaged economy.