How I Can Help You

How Can I Help You Or Your Family?

Since the New Year I have been holding a weekly surgery to meet face-to-face with constituents. These normally take place on a Saturday morning. Due to the restrictions currently in place I am unable to hold surgeries, but that doesn't mean I'm unable to help. I am always interested to hear what people in Great Grimsby are concerned about and try to help them with problems that they may have if I can.

If you have an urgent problem: eviction, benefits, housing, enforcement, passports, debts, repatriation etc please call for a telephone appointment.  My helpful office team will also be able to help you 5 days a week and can get matters moving straight away so you don't have to wait. 

Please use the contact link if you can, as having the complaint or problem in writing helps me to comply with data protection rules and reduces the chances of misunderstandings on our part. Some government departments need written authorisation before we can deal with them on your behalf. But you can also call 01472 426470 to speak to us or book a telephone appointment with me if you think I can help you.

When it comes to local issues, such as: litter; bin collections; planning; anti-social behaviour; local social services provision or housing - contacting your local Councillors is generally your best route to try first, although I am happy to try and help you and your Local Councillors with these issues as well, if I can.

If I am unable to help you I will try to direct you to someone who can.