Helping Our Farms To Provide Work

Along with most Lincolnshire MPs last week, I took part in a virtual meeting with the Greater Lincolnshire Enterprise Partnership (LEP). One topic that came up was the need for people to work on farms at harvest time to make sure that our food supply is strong and we don't end up with food rottin

Problems With Furlough Payments?

I know that some constituents may have problems receiving furlough payments if they have left a job for a new one, which then doesn't work out because of the national constraints in place.

Great Grimsby - Covid-19 Update

As of 2nd May there was a total of 135 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in North East Lincolnshire to date and few new cases. We have been relatively very fortunate; we have less than a third of the cases that North Lincolnshire has had for example.

Coronavirus false links to 5G - No need to worry.

The latest wave of Ofcom’s disinformation research shows false links between COVID-19 and 5G continue to be the most commonly seen misinformation. Its latest EMF (electromagnetic field) measurements show levels at 5G sites are well within agreed international safety measures.

Great Grimsby Residential Care Homes - Covid-19 Update

There has been much in the news about residential care homes in the UK having Covid-19 outbreaks and staff being short of the Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) that they need to do their jobs safely whilst delivering the standard of care that they want.