Private Investment in Grimsby

I am working hard to encourage private investors to consider Grimsby as a viable possibility for putting their capital into local infrastructure. Funds put into the right projects, in the right places, can bring great prosperity to a town such as ours. For example, and also with a sea-faring history, Liverpool had many run-down areas before Liverpool One shopping, residential and leisure complex emerged from 42-acres of deprived central city land, by private investors the Grosvenor Group. The project took untouched bomb sites from the Forties and dated concrete buildings, demolishing them to create the largest open-air shopping centre in the UK. The project breathed new life and prosperity into the old Paradise Street area of Liverpool.

Of course, this is an example of what private investment can do – Grimsby already has its own, ongoing town centre projects – but it is this sort of transformational investment I am working hard to bring to our town.



Taking good care of our water ...

A real eye-opening visit, staff from Anglian Water invited me to take a tour of the new multi-million pound water treatment plant, in Chelmsford Avenue. The plant is necessary to remove nitrates from the water we use every day, for drinking and household purposes.

Positive use of brownfield sites

THE words of Boris Johnson were welcome news to many across the home building sector as the Prime Minister recently declared support by proposing alterations to chaotic planning systems and help for first-time buyers needing low-deposit mortgages.

Local MPs visit new YMCA

AFTER several years of trying to redevelop the existing YMCA Grimsby site in Peaks Lane, the arrival of CEO Debbie Cook 18 months ago saw heads turn towards Freeman Street when she suggested a site based more within a community.